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Each web page within PSA follows the same format with the same navigation throughout the web site. Each page has a layout that consists of three columns. The first two columns are specfic to the section and the third is for sponsors.

Home Page - The main two sections where the first section is for club locations and a calendar of upcoming events. The second section has relive breaking news and a picture of Fisherman of the month.

About Us - The first section is the State Chapter officers. The second section has our mission statement and relaltive information our goals.

Fishing - The first section lists fishing location where we have documentation about how to fish those areas. There are also important links for weather, tides, etc. The section section gives information on related subjects such as anchoring.

Politics - The fist section gives links to previous article and links to govemental web sites. The second section gives latest news on political issues.

Conservation - The fist section gives links to important fish conservation web sites. The second section highlights some of the conservation project that different clubs are involved in.

Photos - This web page is loaded with pictures or possible shot video's. It could be slow loading depending on the users connection speed.

Contact Us - This is strictly a link to email to constact PSA.


This is an opportunity for business owners to promote their business and help the Puget Sound Anglers. By advertising with us, you help the Puget Sound Anglers on an organizational level, not a chapter level. We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization. 100% of advertising revenues will be used to help PSA grow and continue to fight for the rights of recreational anglers.

What better group could there be to target for your products than people viewing our website?

We are offering an introductory, bargain basement price of $300 for a advertisement for one year. Advertisers are place on six different pages which are our primary pages. This ad would be your graphic logo prominently displayed and linked to your website. The top-to-bottom sequence of the advertising logos will be randomly displayed.

You can let the entire sport fishing community see that your business supports the Puget Sound Anglers by contacting me as soon as possible with your order, or any questions you might have.


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Steve Bagley


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